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Little Rock Board of Directors Meeting <br /> July 16, 2013 <br /> 6:00 PM <br /> development into the neighborhood. Mr. Williams asked that the Board deny the <br /> rezoning request. <br /> Scott Schallhorn, 425 West Capitol Avenue: Stated that he represented the Logue <br /> Family, whose property was adjacent to the property being considered for rezoning. Mr. <br /> Schallhorn stated that a commercial development was not compatible with the <br /> residential uses that were currently in place. Mr. Schallhorn stated that currently there <br /> were single-family homes and four (4) apartment complexes along Pleasant Ridge Road <br /> and that the traffic was already intense. Mr. Schallhorn stated that light and noise <br /> pollution from a commercial development would affect the Logue property more so than <br /> an office development. <br /> Keith Wingfield, 3000 Montrose Drive: Stated that he represented Christ the King <br /> Catholic Church and that they were in support of the development. <br /> Mr. Hargraves stated that he understood that traffic was the main concern and that the <br /> applicant had retained Ernie Peters to conduct a traffic study in the area. Mr. Hargraves <br /> stated that according to the traffic study, an office building would generate 213 vehicles <br /> per day during AM and PM peak hours; however, the hotel development was estimated <br /> to generate 101 vehicles per day in the AM and PM peak hours. <br /> Vice-Mayor Wright asked why staff recommended denial of the rezoning request. <br /> Planning & Development Director Tony Bozynski stated that the proposal was an intense <br /> commercial development and staff felt that the Land Use Plan needed to be maintained <br /> and the property remain zoned as 0-3, Office. Mr. Bozynski stated that the current <br /> zoning provided a good transition from the commercial development to the east to the <br /> residential properties located to the west and south of the proposed site. <br /> By unanimous voice vote of the Board of Directors, the ordinance was approved. <br /> 15. RESOLUTION NO. 13.742: To authorize an agreement with the Arkansas State <br /> Highway and Transportation Department for grant match funding of the Main Street <br /> Overlay Project; and for other purposes. Staff recommends approval. <br /> Synopsis: Authorizes the City Manager to execute an agreement with Arkansas State Highway and <br /> Transportation Department for matching of funding through the State Aid for Cities program to <br /> asphalt resurface Main Street from Interstate 630 to Roosevelt Road. Total project cost is estimated <br /> at$460,000.00. <br /> Director Adcock made the motion, seconded by Director Richardson, to approve the <br /> resolution. <br /> Director Hendrix stated she was notified of the project and that she did not feel that the <br /> public meetings that were held was all encompassing of the residents that lived in the <br /> surrounding neighborhoods. Director Hendrix stated that she would like to see the item <br /> deferred to the first meeting in August and wanted the bike lane to be from Interstate 630 <br /> to 17th Street and not to Roosevelt Road. <br /> Director Hendrix made the motion, seconded by Vice-Mayor Wright, to defer the item <br /> until the August 6, 2013, Board of Directors Meeting. <br /> Vice-Mayor Wright asked why Director Hendrix was not notified. City Manager Bruce <br /> Moore stated there had been three (3) public meetings held and asked staff to describe <br /> 6 <br />